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I have a list of psychotherapists' names given to me by my friends, family, and insurance company. I want to see one of the top therapists in the field. How do I decide which therapist is right for me?

Above all, make sure that your prospective therapist is licensed, experienced, and qualified to help you. To begin, we encourage you to call Partners for Change with your questions, or contract for one session only, in order to get a sense of which of our therapists would be best for you. Ultimately, you'll want to select a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, and one that seems able to help you achieve your goals.

How is talking to you different than talking to my friends and family?

Hopefully, your friends and family are rooting for your happiness, but their lives may be significantly affected by your actions. Their own unresolved issues may cloud their understanding of you. A trained, experienced psychotherapist will provide a neutral, objective environment, where your best interests are the primary focus.

How does therapy work?

Clinical social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists establish confidential (per both our code of ethics and Illinois law) professional relationships with clear and specific ethical boundaries. We gather significant information and facts regarding each of our clients' current situation and life history. We help our clients develop new way of understanding their issues within the context of their families of origin and their behavioral patterns. We provide feedback, and supportively confront and challenge our clients to experiment with new behaviors. We assist our clients in developing new perspectives, tactics, and strategies that lead to improved quality of life and an evolving sense of themselves as competent, assertive adults who have both the right and the capacity to make good life choices.

My previous therapist never confronted me about my problems. Will my therapist tell me what to do?

A good therapist will listen carefully, develop a clear understanding of your situation, and help you evaluate a variety of options. Our job is to be smart, objective, supportive, challenging allies, and to help you understand your life more clearly, become more empowered, and make behavioral choices that are consistent with who you want to be. When we see behaviors and patterns that concern us, we will certainly provide feedback. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to choose "what to do."

Do you put your clients on medication?

Some of our clients take psychotropic medication—usually anti-depressants or anxiety reducing drugs—as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Many of our clients take no medication at all. If your therapist thinks medication might benefit you, he or she will recommend that you have a medication evaluation with a qualified physician who is responsible for prescribing the medication.

I have Blue Cross PPO, Cigna, United Healthcare, Anthem, Aetna Insurance. Will Partners for Change accept my insurance?

Many therapists at Partners for Change are approved providers for various insurance plans. While we assist our clients in dealing with their insurance companies, we encourage you to discuss this issue with your therapist and contact your insurance company directly to review your specific benefits.