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Gloria Graff

Gloria Graff: LCSW, MSW, University of Chicago, Vice President, and Co-Founder of Partners for Change, LLC.

Highly skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy, Gloria believes that when people come to a therapist for help, they want more than insight; they need a smart assertive ally. She is an active and warm cognitive behavioral therapist with over 25 years of experience. Many of her clients are recommended by other clients. Gloria is an expert in helping people identify their goals, analyze their environment, build their confidence, and implement healthy choices. Gloria assists clients with job stress, depression, anxiety, communication problems, grief, eating disorders, addictions and dealing with aging parents. In addition, Gloria is both a marital and premarital therapist, and an executive coach specializing in strategic job coaching.


Jeffrey Shore

Jeffrey Shore: LCSW, MSW, University of Chicago, President, co-founder of Partners for Change, LLC.

As a consultant, mentor, and therapist for numerous mental health professionals, Jeff is well-known and respected within the Chicago professional community. For many years, he has helped individuals and couples improve the quality of their lives. He forms strong therapeutic partnerships, laced with humor, gentleness, thoughtful confrontation, and the belief that people have the right, responsibility, and capacity to decide how they want to live. Jeff often serves as an executive coach for attorneys, physicians, accountants, and other professionals.