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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

As a practice that has worked with downtown professionals for over 30 years, we understand the reality of demanding work environments, and the challenge of managing both a career and a personal life. We help busy executives, lawyers, and other professionals understand the connection between their own psychological issues and their ability to successfully navigate within organizations. We help our clients develop and refine the skills that are necessary for success and empower them to carefully consider their goals and choices. Our councilors help clients cope more effectively with their professional and private lives.

Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

We help colleagues clarify their roles within the therapeutic process and, as needed, work with interface issues. Practice development and other business issues are often addressed within our consultations. Therapists who are just entering practice, as well as individuals who have been in practice for some time, often utilize the consultation mentoring services offered by Partners for Change.

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Customized Employee Assistance Programs and Organizational Consulting

People are the most important asset of any organization. Personal and work stressors negatively impact job performance and often impact the work environment. We create confidential, individually-tailored services for law firms, financial services firms, and other professional service organizations. Our counseling and coaching services are paired with stress management training, consultation, and educational programs to provide an easily accessible resource for organizations that wish to invest in their human capital. We provide consultation to human resources directors, managers, partners, and other key personnel within firms. By eliminating the insurance company "middleman", we provide a significantly higher level of service, a local and more responsive program, and insure strict confidentiality.

Affiliate EAP and Behavioral Healthcare Services

Partners for Change serves as the Chicago affiliate for numerous national and local EAP and behavioral healthcare companies. HR directors and staff psychologists refer employees to us. Clients referred by these organizations often have a limited number of authorized sessions, but very real concerns. We assist people in forming clear, achievable goals, reducing symptoms, and moving forward. Clients have the option of continuing psychotherapy at their own expense.